Meetings and events for 2019

(All meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday at Manor Barn at 7.15pm, with exceptions as stated)

January.  15th AGM and talk given by Dr. Peter Boyden ‘ The Sussex Rapes and the Defence of England ‘

February. 19th –  Talk by Robert Chase   ‘ The Boer War Leading to WW1 ‘

March. 19th –   Talk by Rod MacArthur  ‘ Battles of Oporto and Talavera 1809’

April. 16th-  Talk by David Hatherell- Bexhill Museum Volunteer. ‘Bexhill in WW2 ‘

May.      14th   –  10:30     Seminar at The Northern Hotel ‘ The Napoleonic Prison of Norman Cross – The Navel Connection.  Talk  by Paul Chamberlain.

June.18th –  Talk by Peter Cole ‘ Bexhill into the 20th Century’.

July 16th –  Talk by Derek Glen  ‘ Bull’s I Troop’.

August. – No Meeting.

September 21st –  Old Town Walk  with BOTPS   ( Bexhill Old Town Preservation Society )

registration and coffee at Manor Barn 10am. Keynote address by Julian Porter 10:15, Refreshment break 10:45,

Optional activities 11:00, Lunch 12:30, Optional activities 1:30, Tea, plenary session and close 3pm.

October 15th – Talk by Peter Swanson  ‘Gallipoli 1915 ‘  ( after his battlefield walk )

November 19th – Talk by Robert Chase  ‘ The Contribution of Wellington’s Successful Campaign in

Portugal & Spain to Napoleon’s Downfall ‘

17th December -Christmas Luncheon at the Northern Hotel.




28th Annual General Meeting at 7:15pm on

Tuesday 15th January 2019 at The Manor Barn Old Town Bexhill – on – Sea



  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 27th AGM of 16th January 2018
  3. Report from Peter Cole
  4. Treasurer and Membership Secretary’s Report
  5. President’s Address
  6. Election of Officers :

Vice Presidents: Mr. Peter Cole*, Mrs. Stella Child

Acting Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Miss Christine Madeley*

Database Managers: Mrs. Judy Beal*, Mrs. Maureen Pullen*

( * indicates members of the committee )

7. Any other business.

8. Close of meeting.

Positions currently vacant.


Vice Chairman     Publicity Officer    Committee Minute Secretary.