Please note that the venue and times of our meetings have been changed.

As from, and including the 18th January, they will take place at Northern Hotel – Sea Road ,Bexhill ,at 2 :30pm.

18th January 2:30pm  – Voices from Beyond Bexhill Graves : Military Burials 1804 -1806 in St. Peter’s Churchyard.

Talk by Dr. Peter Boyden.

15th February 2:30pm – Beginnings and Ending to Battle of Waterloo, an alternative version.

Talk by Mr. Peter Swanson.

15th March 2:30pm –    Nelson and Royal Navy Defeating Napoleon.

Talk by Mr. Robert Chase.

19th April  2:30pm –    Talk by Mr. Rod MacArthur — The Combat of the Coa -1810 .

\17th May 10 : 30- Seminar   Talk by Mr. Paul Chamberlain  ‘ Bone ships and Straw Marquetry :

Why did POW’s produce such impressive work ? ‘

Followed by Luncheon

21st June 2:30pm – ‘ Life in Burma in the 1960s ‘    Talk by Mr. Robert Chase.

19th July 2:30pm –    Cancelled.

August- No Meeting.

20th September 2:30pm –  The War Graves Commission.

Talk by  Mr. Dave Hatherell.

18th October 2:30pm –   ‘ To Serve My Country , both On and Below the Battlefield ‘

Talk by Mr. Derek Glen.

15th November 2:30pm –  ‘ The Battle of Fuengirola – 1810 ‘.

Talk by Mr. Rod MacArthur.

20th December 2:30pm – Christmas Lunch.