(All meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday at Manor Barn at 7.15pm, with exceptions as stated)

Feb. Peter Harrison – Defence of the Realm

March.  Peter Cole – Tea Boy to Field Marshall.

April 1st.  Trip to Mary Rose. £23 +£13 (for exhibition). Coach pick-up – Warrior Sq. Hastings 8:35 , Bexhill Old Town 8:45, Town Hall Sq. 8:50 ,  Wheatsheaf, Little Common 8:55.


April. Rod MacArthur – Battle of Copenhagen 1807.

May.16th  SEMINAR. Northern Hotel ,Bexhill.  10:30- coffee.  11:oo Paul Chamberlain- Napoleon’s Lost Soldiers and Seamen. 12:oo -Luncheon.


June. Robert Chase – Bodiam Castle and the 100 year War.

July.  Peter Cole – S.E. Britain, Eternal Battlefield. ( inc. RM Canal ).

August . Holiday.

Sept.  Peter Boyden – Old Town walk – details to follow.

Oct. details to follow.

Nov. details to follow.

Dec. Christmas Lunch – Northern Hotel.